GJ's Landscape Design Service

GJ's Landscape Design Service

GJ's Design projects include commercial spaces, public works, and subdivisions for multiple dwellings, display and project homes, rural properties & just about any outdoor space. As our designers work closely with our construction and maintenance teams we understand, what works, what lasts, what complications may arise, what costs can be expected and  what looks good on paper needs to work in reality. Our team has extensive experience with local and state government planning and development, regulation and policies, environmental management and sustainability practices. Through experience we have developed an understanding of site constraints and how to maximize site attributes.

GJ’s Landscape Design provides a professional landscape consultation and design service. All designs include a construction quotation. As our design team have extensive industry experience, we will not only deliver a unique and personal design but will ensure the functionality of your space.

We provide services for residential and commercial projects including;

  • Consultation & advice services
  • Amending existing landscapes
  • Preparing designs for approval by council departments
  • Construction details & specification documentation

To receive a landscape design the process is simple. Phone our office to arrange a consultation.